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Chris the Crooked eye guy


We have a friend named Chris. He continually pestered me about the blog. So I decided why not make a blog about him! Chris is a good ole boy that wanted to add how to skin a deer onto the blog. As you can imagine every good ole boy is an inbreed so of course Chris has a defect. When he makes eye contact you should stand to your right because that right eye is going astray! Chris believes when we are driving down the road he sees "coons", but in fact they are black plastic trash bags. When he does see an actual raccoon he prefers to shoot them in nothing but a pair of mossy oak boots and boxers. "That's the only way to do it bo!" He will say. Chris typically spends his weekend with his favorite chow pizza and a cold 6 pack of pbr and a .22 to take a few squirells out (really just brown plastic bags)! Enough talking about Chris lets see a few pictures!!!

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